Winter brings questions about solar.

It’s here!  The icy breath against your neck makes you wonder what you ever did to justify this sort of evil punishment.  Winter, It’s here and there is no avoiding it and for those of us who live in cold climates (like here in Alberta) and have Solar Panels integrated into our chilled existence, it’s inevitable we get questions about snow, cold temperatures and short winter days.

Cryptocurrency and Solar - A match made in technology

In the last year alone, the world has seen an enormous amount of attention focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  The lure of impressive returns has attracted a wide variety of investors. The ability for mining machines to be installed by everybody from average home owners with a single unit, to corporate operations filling acres of warehouse space has proven to be a popular challenge for many savvy investors. The challenge is supplying enough energy to these surprisingly demanding machines at a rate that still affords a return on the investment.