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Commercial solar systems have gained significant traction over the last few years as the cost of solar energy has fallen.  Businesses across Canada are embracing solar energy for the financial savings available and the ability to show commitment to sustainability and our environment. The addition of Solar power also presents your positive and forward thinking face to the world.

The status quo is to use energy and pay for it at the end of every month. Money in and money out, every month, forever.  What is the economic return on that?  How much of your hard earned dollars are you sending to the utility each year? After 10 years? After 20 years?  Is there a better way?  In many cases, you can take money you will already spend anyways and redirect those funds to paying for a solar system for your business - and the best part, once the solar system is paid for, the energy is now free and you can enjoy all those savings for 20+ additional years! 

Can a solar PV system save me anything?  You bet - but commercial applications are very diverse and site specific.   The amount of energy used annually, the peak power loads and the billing rates and structure will determine the savings realized via the utility bill.  Sunfind Solar's extensive commercial experience ensures we are able to correctly and accurately assess each application, which allows us to provide reliable and accurate proposals outlining system performance and savings. 

In addition to the savings realized on the utility bill, the Federal Gov't offer a 50% Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance under class 43.2 of the federal tax code.   This allows the system owner to amortize the solar system over approximate 5 years, which is able to lower the buyer's federal taxable income. 

Between the utility bill savings and tax savings, in addition to the current Alberta Solar Rebate Incentives, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar PV system for your business. 

By creating clean, renewable energy, the solar PV system is helping improve our environment for generations to come.  A solar PV system demonstrates a business is able to take action on creating a more sustainable environment in a responsible and financially viable way.  

Sunfind Solar has been able to partner with ATB Financial to offer low cost financing options. 

  • Up to $350,000
  • 10% down + loan processing and legal costs. 
  • 2% application fee (which is included in the financed amount)
  • Prime plus 2%
  • 15 year amortization period

Take for example a common 145kW commercial system.   Standard price is $239,361.32 + GST, after $79,878.11 rebate (note: pricing does not include travel costs and associated costs for systems outside of Red Deer). 

Purchase Price
$239,361.32 (GST not included in the financing)

ATB Loan and Legal Processing

2% Application Fee

Total Financed Amount

10% Down
$23,936.13 (GST is part of the down payment)

Monthly payment over 15 years

Average monthly savings over 15 years

With our competitive financing option, not only can we provide a low upfront capital cost, but payments are close to or equal to monies that do not have to be spent on utility electricity.